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16 October 2019: ‘Dear Roger, It was nice to once again join you at the design table. An e-book library would be perfect for the chalk drawings; it’s democratic and easily accessible to everyone. Just like the chalk drawings themselves. The material for the next e-book, about the Chapel of Kerselare, should be ready in the next two weeks. I’ve been working there with Jan Kempenaers for a few days spread across the seasons. I’m also preparing a narrative about drawing in Kathmandu, with reflections on my time in Calcutta. Let’s keep the library simple and straightforward so that it’s easy for visitors to follow the line.’

Merelbeke Drawings - A Small History in Large Print
Merelbeke, 2021

Merelbeke Drawings

On the Road to Watou
Watou, 2021

Molenbeek Drawings

Molenbeek Drawings
Brussels, 2021

Molenbeek Drawings

Noordereiland Drawings
Rotterdam, 2020-2021

Noordereiland Drawings 1 Noordereiland Drawings 2 Noordereiland Drawings 3

Menen Slide Show
Menen, August 2020

Menen Slide Show

Meibloemstraat Drawings
Ghent, August 2019 - April 2020

Meibloemstraat Drawings

Kerselare Drawings and Photographs
In memoriam Juliaan Lampens (1926-2019)

Kerselare Drawings and Photographs (Part 1) Kerselare Drawings and Photographs (Part 1) Kerselare Drawings and Photographs (Part 1)

Bochum Drawings
BOBIENNALE, Germany, June 2019

Bochum Drawings English Bochum Drawings English

Gaasbeek Drawings
Gaasbeek Castle, Belgium, March - July 2019

Gaasbeek Drawings EN

Calcutta Drawings
CARF, India, September - December 2018

Calcutta Drawings 1 English Calcutta Drawings 2 English Calcutta Drawings 3 English Calcutta Drawings 4 English Calcutta Drawings 5 English Calcutta Drawings 6 English Calcutta Drawings 7 English

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Design: Roger Willems & Dongyoung Lee (Roma Publications, Amsterdam)